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Archive pic

by argonaut » 04 Feb 2019, 00:06

As currently off season .... not much going on boat wise ..... here is a pic from my archives.

Me in my 2nd boat - a 12' Fletcher - taken around 1985

The boat was a shallow Vee and took a short shaft engine, bought the hull as I happened to have an old short shaft Mercury 500 after demise of 1st boat.
This was originally a White colour Mercury 50 hp .... I fully stripped, took crankshaft out and replaced reed valves - big job.
Odd model as it had electric start, but no recharge facility, so relied on battery lasting enough starts on each trip. Or you had to use pull start.

No power trim or tilt, but a 5 gall can of fuel would give a whole day skiing.

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