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by argonaut » 26 Jun 2018, 22:09

Just a note on first 3 months of towing with my new car .... Kodiaq Edition.
I went for the 2.0L DSG 190.

This auto option has much better Tow capacity.

Car tows very well indeed, no pitching at all which shows suspension is happy.
It pulls away on the steep slipways smoothly and effortlessly.

As a play ... I selected 4x4 mode, and it brought boat up slip almost at tick over, display changes to altitude, angle etc .... quite neat.

The rear view camera has a tow hitch mode and draws a line to take you perfectly onto hitch, it has a 2nd camera (or lens) which give a vertical look down onto Towball, and draws what looks like a radar plot with a line to follow.

On the motorway the excellent torque means it just stays at whatever speed you select, the 7 speed twin clutch DSG box does seem to do its job really well.

I was going to get a Q5 ... but 36 week lead time made me look elsewhere, Car WoW saved me nearly 6kmon deale4 best offer, and 10k cheaper than Q5.

Never thought I would have a Skoda.
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Monterey 194fs with Monster MTK tower + water and SkySki = fun ...... towed by Kodiaq Edition
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by Ianfs » 27 Jun 2018, 07:39

I like the sound of that rear view camera. It what every car with a tow hitch needs.
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by ChrisH » 27 Jun 2018, 18:55

Sounds great. Loved the camera on my previous Merc. Used to amaze people how I backed up to the boat and parked the towball right under the hitch

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