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Shore power trickle charger

by shibbs » 02 Jun 2018, 20:34

That’s great info Martin, thanks for the input!

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by mlines » 02 Jun 2018, 21:13

Actually I notice they do a dual output version for dual batteries. However if your batteries are left in parallel or have a vsr then a single output charger will cover it ( or moved it between batteries every now and then)

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by betty boop » 09 Jun 2018, 17:55

mlines wrote:We have owned boats since 2009 and they are left outside for the winter. We use a C-Tek charger and have never had to replace a battery.

There is no specific charger for dual batteries, the rating of the C-Tek reflects how quickly it can charge. So if it is left on the batteries all the time then a low rating can be used. If you only want to pop it on a battery which has a low charge and you want to to it up fast then use a higher capacity charger

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That answer 2 questions I had with batteries this week. Kia battery died overnight with no recharging having any affect so had to nick a boat battery out Very quickly at 8am thursday morning so Mrs BB could go to work and allow my car off the drive :evil: :lol:

With regard to winter - I did wonder weeks ago why do I remove the batteries every year? is it really necessary? After all the shed gets just as cold - OK swapping the charger over every 3 weeks /visit to the shed is easy but putting them back in is a pain every year.
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