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Depth repeater

by Stevie101 » 28 Mar 2018, 16:15

Hi I've got a NASA clipper depth/speed/log multi guage on my fly bridge and was wondering if I could add a depth repeater in the saloon helm position?
I know they sell the depth repeater and assume it's for this purpose but can't think how they are linked as Ithere are no spare wires and don't want another to have to fit another transducer .
Thanks in advance
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by Ianfs » 29 Mar 2018, 12:41

http://www.nasamarine.com/product/clipp ... -repeater/

This is what you want but I suspect you've already found it.
Although it is normal to have the repeater on the Fly rather than at the Stateroom helm.
This maybe why you are unable to find a connection. However repeaters are not stand alone they work off the main unit.
Puzzling. :?
I am surprised there isn't a depth log at the main helm.
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by kwil » 29 Mar 2018, 17:21

I believe the standalone units do have a repeater connection, but the duet unit does not. I could be wrong but that is what I recall from installing Clipper gauges for a mate, but it was a fair time ago.


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