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by betty boop » 22 Aug 2017, 10:25

kwil wrote:
betty boop wrote:Oh dear have I upset the SBS community :D

If I didnt say so before my comments are based 100% on my experience of the SBS product- as with most things we have our own opinions, rightly or wrongly. My comments are based on trailers I know with 100% certainty (knowing the dealer in Chertsey dealer personally) that were provided as cheap off the shelf units with no set up or comparison to the load they are carrying. As a result both trailers were left with bunk arms that were 3 inches off the road surface, the first tailer with winch post at knee height, mud guards 1 inch above tyres causing them to melt and damage tyres, I'm afraid the list goes on and is not limited to how the trailer was handed over by the dealer but more so the build /design (call it what you like) of the trailer itself.

The 2nd trailer is also 2500 model wsa sold with a single winch section arm , I do know of at least one other ex forum member who has a much large boat than all of us and has the correct (A frame) winch post fitted from SBSand they can and do provide proper spec'd trailers but when you have a dealer that sells as a cheap 'deal' dont expect it to be up to spec. SBS have, in the past may be, supplied below spec trailers to (I assume) dealers wanting a cheap deal.

My words on quality come from frustration esp when the skin comes off my knuckle when I roll down the winch post, when mudguards are paper thin and there is no keel roller or nose block to stop the boat coming off the front end. The keel V rollers are solid rubber, theres nothing air filled anything on my trailer, (may be we have different aged trailers), the forward adjustable V roller and the axle it sits on has already been replaced twice by myself through it being crushed under the forward weight of the load. I know this may have been an inappropriate load set up but again I go back to the dealer just plonking a boat on a cheaper off the shelf trailer with no regard to how it performs when dragging it across country.

I added 2 pics showing the arm and how Ive had to modify it with DIY welding and a 3T racket strap and how the keel almost hits the frame just as reference .

In defence of SBS - yes they are very helpful, they did sell me (over night) replacement parts for all the bits broken /missing, the owner/MD did offer to review my photos on the winch post but could not offer any support on the poor nose block design that chipped the gel coat by not stopping the boat at the winch or last/first keel stop roller missing (but sold me one). Would I buy another - may be - I guess it depends for what and the saving vs the alternative

I feel like Im justify my bad luck and bad experiences :lol: for the sake of argument I'd like to hear what Geoff has to say about his nice shiny trailer for the new SeaRay. side by side they look very much different in quality/set up and why did he not chose SBS as an option?

It appears we are talking about very different products, those ordered and correctly specified direct from SBS and those thrown in as a package by dealers that are parred down to a may just do specification to keep the price down. I have had the same with Roller Coaster trailers, the ones that are supplied as part of a complete package are not really up to the job. Trailer load limit is right on the supplied boat/engine combination, not enough spare capacity to fuel the boat. But order one separately and you would not be supplied such an inferior trailer.


as I said, this is experience of trailers through dealer on a package, as was the original post question.

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