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Ah yes my de-motivational video!!! :)

by _Ed_ » 04 Oct 2015, 23:23

A bit of humour. It will hit the water... but really if anyone of you are stupid enough to do anything like this, please watch my video first in a attempt to bring you back to reality :) - boat projects and stuff!
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by Ianfs » 05 Oct 2015, 01:03

Oh Ed, I really don't know what to say, apart from.....

My first thoughts, watching the video's inspirational! The work you have already done and the alterations are amazing and I have to agree, the Gel Coat looks fantastic. :D

I doubt you are feeling the same way right now, but do you want this boat to be as good as a Sunseeker/Princess, or would you like her to be your 2016 useable overnight fast cruiser?

There is a thing I remember, which two guys from my youth told to me, a long time ago now, look them up, Percy Sekine and Meiji Suzuki, two of the most influential guys of their time. It was my honour to have known them both, but I didn't really understand the concept at the time.

You can learn and achieve several levels, maybe up to 9, in a very short time and achieve a great deal. After you have reached the highest grade, in order to go further by only one level, may take the same amount of time as achieving the first 9.

After 43yrs, I am beginning to understand what they both meant. Call it bull headed or just plain stupid, but it is a fact . :roll: :D
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by _Ed_ » 05 Oct 2015, 01:19

Its a bit tongue in cheek. Its 5 years to the month since I got it, and my aspirations have a changed a bit. This year for the first time has allowed me to look beyond what this project would offer me once complete, so its become more a case of make this good, usable and then sell on for something possibly a bit more serious.

I'm going to take it to the workshop when I'm quieter over the winter and, spend a couple of weeks on it. Hopefully it will come out in a more ready to use state, and see how it goes for 2016.

As to your other question, Initially I wanted it perfect. Literally a mini sports cruiser, but I'm more realistic now, and work is just to busy. I'll just do it to a good standard (so say same as the Fletcher) and go from there. It's just depressing when winter approaches again and I've done nothing since Jan 2014! (Workshop move basically put everything back a year). - boat projects and stuff!
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by Bigplumbs » 19 Nov 2015, 07:50


In the past I also have taken on too many projects but if you are that sort of person that means that you ultimately get a lot done in your lifetime.

The work you have done on that boat looks amazing and I like I am sure others look forward to the day we see some pictures of her on the water

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by Matt13 » 19 Nov 2015, 22:19

Great vid Ed I remember you posting pics of this during the build phase didn't realise it was that long ago !
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