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Remodelling by raising roof GRP

by benjames1975 » 27 Apr 2017, 16:11


Might be a stupid question, if it is I apologise. Also, I searched under various terms on google but didn't come across anything satisfactory. Maybe I haven't hit on the right search words yet.

I was wondering what the effects of raising the roof on a small boat might be. Basically to add some light but strong wooden framing and some fibreglass. The sort of boat I am considering is something between 20 and 22ft like a Norman. I have added a crude picture which I hope you can access.

Here is the link?

I wouldn't be adding any weight but would make sure I have headroom as at the moment a Norman has a roof height of about 4 foot so it would give some standing area which would completely change the enjoyment of the boat.

Any suggestions or anyone know anyone who has done something similar?

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by betty boop » 28 Apr 2017, 07:05

I had a friend that had the same and it wasn't a problem. He bought a £500 boat very similar if not the same to what you posted, the previous owner had hacked off the roof and reinstalled a bodge raised roof box. That hadnt gone to well and so he stripped it back to a hole, reframed it and covered in marine ply/glass etc. gave loads of extra head room and matched the existing level etc.

it was only used as a canal boat though but still handled fine and was perfectly liveable onboard which was his intention.
betty boop
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by benjames1975 » 02 May 2017, 12:06

OK. Thanks for your reply Betty Boop.

I shall seriously think about it as I don't think it would be too hard with the right fibre cloth and resin and as you say marine ply. It's just doing it in a way that doesn't look bad and looks ok.

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by Ianfs » 02 May 2017, 21:07

Ben, welcome to the form.

I'm in awe of your photoshop work, it makes the boat you have chosen look superb.

As long as you don't add a lot of weight, and you keep the lines, I would say that it would only enhance the already classic design and wouldn't alter its stability.
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