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Osbourne Bay

by mlines » 09 Jul 2017, 21:19

A quick video of Fridays trip to Osbourne Bay and Cowes.

Managed a brief wakeboard which was my first attempt after last years lessons, first attempt at sea, first attempt behind out own boat and first time for James driving a tow.

Very pleased as it was probably marginal with the waves starting to increase and causing the boat to surge and slow over the waves.

Stopped at Shepherds Wharf in Cowes for lunch and then when back in the F4 winds.

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by Ianfs » 10 Jul 2017, 17:05

This came up within recent uploads via my TV You Tube. Fabulous on the big screen, great resolution.
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by ChrisH » 10 Jul 2017, 18:30

Great video Martin.
We were out yesterday. But have on going issues. Seems to be a spun hub but Tomoa replaces the hub the other weekend. It was a mess. But same problem again . Grrr

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by ian h » 10 Jul 2017, 20:33

We were out Sunday did not have a real plan of where to go . decided to have a blast to Poole but ended up in Studland bay for lunch stop.

2 trips out recently and covered 141 miles :lol:
At the rate I am going to have to fill up again soon :lol:

Trip back to Saxon was a great run set engines to 3000 upon leaving Studland and did not touch the throttles until the 6 knot speed limit at bottom of the Itchen
speed 33 -34 knots and took 1 hour , boat ran like a dream :D
ian h
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