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by shibbs » 24 Jun 2018, 21:11

Just thought i would put a few lines together to share my experience. My eldest was away for an ice hockey tournament this weekend with the other half so i was left at home with the youngest ( 8 years old and mad for the boat) so we decided on looking at the weather that we would make the most of it.
Friday after school we went down to the boat and decided on a ( very un-imaginative) trip down to Port Solent for the night. It was nice just to get out on the boat and no too much of a challenge (as we are only berthed in Portsmouth harbour as it is).
Saturday, we thought again as the weather was looking so nice that we'd pop over to Bembridge for the evening.
On arriving, we quickly realised that we were a little early. I was fully aware of the bar that runs across the channel and knew i was pushing my luck a bit and yes, i was!! Skeg hit, luckily i was only going at about 2-3 knots so raised the leg up slightly and retreated to wait for the tide to rise a little. After a bit of crabbing with the little one, we decided to go for it once again.
For those that don't know. Bembridge is an extremely narrow entrance and a little off putting as the channel drops off rapidly. You are literally a few feet from the bank at some points.
I have to say though, the harbour team were extremely welcoming and helpful, we were put alongside a slightly larger boat on the inside leg of the visitor moorings. Surrounded by some beautiful boats!! Some serious boat envy!
Long and short of this, wholly recommend giving it a go if you haven't been. Nice facilities, good staff and a lot of very friendly people.
We had my cocker spaniel with us so made the most of the vast areas and nice beaches to walk on.
Just be careful on the way in and out and be patient for the tide! (prop is fine luckily!)
If you do fancy a look in, take a look at their website as it gives a live update on height of water above the bar ( only found this out on arrival :oops: ).

Having been on this forum for longing enough now, i should know how to upload pictures but since the loss of free photobucket ive still not figured it out.. :roll: :lol:

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by ChrisH » 24 Jun 2018, 22:11

Thanks Stu. Bembridge is on my list of places to visit. So this is handy.

For photos, I use the tapatalk app on my phone to access forums like this one. And I can just select photos from my phone directly and it uploads them.

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by Ianfs » 25 Jun 2018, 10:01

Great post Shibbs, thanks.

I hope this may start a trend. :)
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