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Who owns who! Fishing related.

by Ianfs » 13 Jun 2019, 17:08

Living 400yds from the sea and not far from Mudeford Quay and Hurst Castle, these two and my beach are good for Bass as well as many other species. Consequently I've had the urge to expand my fly fishing and buy a Saltwater Fly rod. I've got a Hardy Fly Rod which I use for fresh water but I've been reluctant to use such an expensive bit of kit in salt water.
So I've been searching lots of sites and Googling everything I come across but can't decide on what to buy. I came across a Greys rod (cheaper version of Hardy) which made me look up Hardy and Greys Ltd to see how they are doing these days and who owns them now as I think they went bust soon after or just before I bought my rod.

Now we all know that Brunswick own quite a few of the US brands of boats these days, but if you are into fishing who knew that the US company Pure Fishing Ltd who are owned by Pure Fishing Inc and which now own Hardy and Greys, also own Shakespeare, Penn, Abu Garcia,, Berkley, Chub, Fenwick, Gulp, Mitchell, Stren and Trilene. Furthermore, Pure Fishing have a parent company, a corporation called Jarden, who, wait for it....own 3M , Kellogs, Coleman, Rawlings, Breville, K2 Sports, Yankee Candle, Camping Gaz, as well as many others I haven't even heard of.

Sorry if this is a bit of a bore but even though businesses survive better with economies of scale, I do wonder whether they lose some of the flare and quality of the original owners concepts.

What do you all think?
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