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Brake shoe replacement alternative.

by Ianfs » 22 Jun 2017, 11:00

A while ago whilst preparing to take the boat to her new home at Bucklers Hard, I was checking the brakes and found a lining had de-bonded. No problem I though, I'll go online and get some more.

The average cost for an axle is about £70, but they had no stock, one dealer wanted £98. I thought I would be able to reline it fairly easily, like we used to in the olden days.. :lol: Nope wrong!! :shock:

I called several classic car and bike restorers to see how they got theirs done if the shoes went out of stock and was put on to Saftek. They are in Yorkshire but with the postal system it's easy. The other company is Villiers in the Midlands but the guy I spoke to was a bit grumpy and the cost difference was minimal, so I opted for the recommended one, Saftek.

£8.95 a shoe plus VAT and postage. The shoes were refirbed and the linings excellent. Only thing is, I had to get the thickness's from the manufacturer and you have to tell them what use they have.

Just thought I'd share. :D
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