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by shibbs » 20 Sep 2016, 20:25

So here goes, at the boat show today i saw it advertised, various boat sizes and given costs. 60ft costs were eye watering but anyway, for a 25ft boat cost was £300, so £360 inc VAT.
I have to say, i was surprised, i thought it was much more expensive than this. I spend in the region of £100 per year to re-coat my hull with antifoul. and i must say, it is the single most hated job i do on the boat!
I made me think, with the advertised life of 10 years for Coppercoat, it is an obvious choice.. or is it?
Why is it not more popular if this is the case? I'd be fully aware that slime will still accumulate so a lift or scrub would still be necessary occasionally but last year i had to scrub 3 or 4 times and still re-paint in August.

Anyone's knowledge on this product would be gratefully received, likewise, if anyone has an opinion on it?

Additionally, i posted a question a while back about what people use on props but didn't hear anything back, today i saw a product called 'aquacote marine', for use on props, anyone heard of this? £90 for prop and drive leg, again, seemed a pretty good deal, especially if it means i don't have to remove the prop to clean it every 2 weeks... :cry:

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by betty boop » 21 Sep 2016, 15:37

not sure on any of the product you mention but I once saw 2 yachties with a padded rope under the hull see sawing back n forth thus giving it a scrub on the berth in the water. may work just thinking out load as a good idea to get rid of slim. As for Anti foul - horrible stuff as you know mines going over winter never to return .. more will follow on how too and whats underneath :cry:
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by Ianfs » 23 Sep 2016, 07:45

I'm not sure about this, so happy to be corrected, but i seem to remember reading somethithing a few years ago that some areas have restrictions for boats with so much copper in the resin.

It was about 10yrs ago so things may have changed but worth a bit of research before you buy.

At the end of the day copper is toxic/poisenous to sea creatures but then any anti foul must contain toxic chemicals so you thought process is very sound.
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