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Keel holes

by madted » 21 Jul 2016, 23:30

Hi...I have checked and can't see this question anywhere else in here goes.

I am by no means a novice but nor a veteran boat owner. However we have just bought a taylor t500. Basically it's a 16' grp fishing boat with a fairly standard shape set up. It has no bilge seems to be sealed.

We took it out for the first time today and it ran lovely and stayed dry inside pretty much.

My question is upon taking it out of the sea, water flowed out of two "drilled"(?) holes in the rear of the keel! Is this normal? Are they meant to be there? Is it part of the design for buoyancy?

Please help :)

PS. It isn't the drain plug, these holes are in the bottom by the keel
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by Ianfs » 22 Jul 2016, 04:51

Hi madted, welcome to the forum.

Does your boat have a fish storage tank? Some fishing boats have a built in fish locker which has water flowing through it to keep fish fresh.
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by betty boop » 22 Jul 2016, 07:32

welcome, having just bought a sports fisher (if I qualify for that term) Im surprised by the amount of 'holes' through the structure but when you say 'drilled' I assume you mean like as a rough cut hole in say timber i.e. with no plug lining? so therefore I'd say no. That asks the question of how and why they are there? which could be even more confusing so I guess I haven't help :oops: :roll: Could flood to an air tight bilge compartment for buoyancy but allowing air out of water to dry out?

on mine I have a self draining deck with open ports (port n starboard) under the waterline that flood water on to the deck when you water aft. Thats great but not when you launch first time and you think you're sinking :lol: bit of a panic moment :lol:
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