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Vinyl wear

by mlines » 03 Apr 2016, 17:23

Our bucket seats in the helm and navigator positions rotate for eating at the table etc.

When they rotate they slight foul the gunwhale side which is covered in padded vinyl. This has scored the surface of the vinyl to quite a depth, but not breached through the surface (yet!)

Clearly the full solution is to re-cover the bolster, however is there anything else that can be done to delay the inevitable. I would want something very cosmetically acceptable, Duct Tape does not meet that criteria!

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by Ianfs » 03 Apr 2016, 20:40

Don't know the answer to protecting vinyl from rubbing, but I've wondered why Regal hadn't worked around this.
If the seat posts were angled inwards very slightly would it solve the problem as long as they feel upright?
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by Little Gem » 09 Jul 2016, 23:53

How about a thin brass strip or plate, fixed with double-sided adhesive tape?
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by betty boop » 11 Jul 2016, 08:30

to big for a goo glue filling and then painting in tennis shoe white vinyl dye? from what I see on you tube tennis players use it on the front toe caps of their shoes to look like new but they have worn out during that toe down serving pose.

Id be interested if there was anything to counter or repaint on vinyl for UV degradation, some of our new side cushioning has been in the sun for a long time and although still white you can see black pitting as the covering is starting to break down from UV exposure.
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