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Interested in boating but know very little ..... help!!

by SKIDDERWOLF » 16 Nov 2020, 11:40

Hi All, I am interested in obtaining a small motor boat to spend time navigating the rivers and canals around Warwickshire, visions of an Idyllic potter down a river, stopping for a picnic on the bank maybe BUT I have absolutely no Idea how to get started and I am looking here for help please. I have been on the canals and rivers trust sites so I know there are licenses and insurances to pay (I have a 3hp outboard) depending on where I am sailing but assuming I pay these can I just put my boat in the water at any location I choose? I am mostly interested in Warwick area of the Avon to start with. I am struggling to find this any consistent information via google. Does anyone do similar? any help would be most appreciated,

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by Ianfs » 18 Nov 2020, 14:55

Hi Richard

I live down south on the coast so I'm not much help with local knowledge, I however have found this website, I'm sure you must have found it already though, which states that there is 47miles of navigation on the Avon in Warwickshire. It's not very clear about which licence you would want and also it states for an annual licence you need a mooring, a bit silly for a small boat.


With a 3hp outboard a small inflatable would be an excellent choice for pottering around, especially in shallower parts which other boats may not reach. Even a small sailing dinghy which could take an outboard , without the sail would work well, Mirror dinghy's were designed for just this and there are still a few around at reasonable prices.
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by ChrisH » 20 Nov 2020, 16:06

I don't know the area either I'm afraid. But with a small inflatable you would be able to launch from any public riverside land where you could safely inflate her and push into the water with out causing an obstruction . Assuming it is a navigable part of the river.
Here is an example on the Thames
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