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Selva outboard opinion and reviews

by Biscuit1983 » 06 Nov 2020, 21:59

Hi All,
First post on here, i am looking at repowering a couple of boats and have a local supplier supplying Selva Outboards,
I have one commercial boat and another pleasure, will need one of their continually rated XS models and have been looking at the XSR high output ones for the pleasure boat.

The range they have seems to be very extensive and from reading on their website the 15HP and up are re badged Yamaha current models.
The XS model which is rated for continual use as far as i can see is a de rated bigger engine with reduced HP and RPM,
The XSR is a tuned up version with higher torque and output
and then finally there is the normal 4 stroke range for leisure use

9.9 and under are a different engine and made directly by Selva and are all based around the same single cylinder 200cc engine, not sure on these but would probably be ok for light leisure use.

Selva also make Yanmar's stern drive legs, and the Selva company has been going for a long time so i am quite confident that they will be OK but just wanted to put it out there first.

Can any of you shed any light or opinions on these and the reliability of them, as they are just re badged Yamaha engines i cannot see an issue with the 15HP and up ones, but what about the 9.9 and under, safe enough to use as a stanby?

Look forward to your replies
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by Ianfs » 08 Nov 2020, 17:07

Hi Biscuit

Welcome, great post.

I don't know in depth about them but Selva are a very respected Italian Outboard manufacturer and have been going for about 50-60yrs. They made parts for Lambretta and as you say they make Stern Drives, but also Sail Drives for Yanmar. I remember they also designed a Turbo Diesel outboard but I'm not sure it ever went into production and if anyone knows please let us know.
They are in bed with Yamaha either as affiliates or Yamaha have shares in them, but as you say they continue to make the smaller engines.

What you have asked for though are opinions and reliability knowledge.

I can tell you that a local fisherman to us has a Selva 40XSR on his 20' fishing boat and is out most days fishing off Christchurch, Mudeford and Highcliffe, his previous engine was a Tohatsu (Nissan) . As far as the smaller versions go there are a few in my local marina used for tenders which don't get used very often, which seem to fire up when pulled, always a sign of a good reliable engine, although I have to say I have no direct experience of them.

I have no affiliation with them but I would have no hesitation in buying one .

I hope this helps.
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