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Fabio Buzzi R.I.P.

by ian h » 18 Sep 2019, 19:06

Very sad news, Fabio and 2 others killed last night and 1 seriously injured

https://ilglobo.com.au/news/45141/motor ... in-venice/
ian h
Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
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by Ianfs » 18 Sep 2019, 19:35

Hi Ian

Yes thanks for posting this, it is so very sad and our thoughts will be for his family and the families of the other two who died with him, at this terrible time. Unfortunately before going to cyber print. it is a shame the press could not get their facts right about the nationalities of the other two deaths, it is so disrespectful and does it really matter where they are from, they have died tragically, end of.

It is always tragic that these things happen, however there is a little of me that thinks, what a way to go, doing something that you love so much instead of in a hospital with tubes and bags hanging from a frame. Indeed it is sad that two others were also taken tragically and if they were in their prime.

From what I could see it happened in darkness and they misjudged where the rocks of the dam where.
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by ColinR » 19 Sep 2019, 08:05

Sad indeed. I'll await the investigation results but it looks like a nav error. Speed and darkness are a bad mix.

I assume they were running late evening to get the calmer conditions.
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