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Autolube 2 Strokes Alarm Sounding constantly

by Bigplumbs » 06 Jun 2019, 16:22

Hopefully this post will help some and ensure they have a better morning than I have had today.

So I went to go out in my Rib powered by a 60hp Mariner 2 stroke ELPTO. These are the ones with the Autolube tank for the 2 stroke oil.

On turning the key the alarm buzzer went to a solid tone and would not stop, even after the engine was started and was cold.

The engine was pumping water and there was plenty of 2 stroke oil in the tank.

The alarm should sound...… Solid Tone Overheat alarm

Intermittent tone --------- Low 2 stroke oil

After much investigation and head scratching I disconnected the 2 stroke level sensor and the alarm stopped

This sensor is poorly designed as it is below the tank and operates on proximity of a magnet on the float inside the tank. As the oil lowers the magnet (circular washer) at the bottom of the float (shaped like a donut) nears the bottom of the tank and the sensor detects the magnet and sets off the alarm.

The issue is that these small magnets are glued to the bottom of the float and you guessed it they fall off over time and sit at the bottom of the tank which setts off the alarm no matter how high the oil is with floating donut.

You are then faced with a new oil tank (£190 + vat) or simply disconnecting the sensor.

My view is I never go out without checking the level of the 2 stroke oil and the 60 hp Elpto has a sight glass.

Why it was a continuous tone I don't know but I suspect it was because the magnet was as low as it could get and the sensor was going crazy.

Looking at the design of the tank there is in my view no way to repair it.

I Hope this post helps someone

Happy Boating

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