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Keeping the boat interior dry over winter - preventing mould

by betty boop » 01 Nov 2018, 21:18

MartynG wrote:Setting a petrol engined boat on fire to keep warm is not a good plan! :D

funny I recognised it as Burton waters - but yes know all about that -

you see Equinox pulling out of the smoke at 3.44 into the video

betty boop
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by argonaut » 12 Jan 2019, 22:45

I have used a demumidifier for many years.
Set to auto ... I put a drain pipe out through the transom drain hole.
I run it to a 5 Lit container .. and it must take out at least 40 L over the winter covers on time.

When it does come time to open her up .... all fully dry, absolutely zero mould or damp - ever.

A dehumidifier running on auto only switches on when it detect air moisture above set level, efficient and good at what it does.

Far better than heaters, as the goal is not to warm things up but to control based on relative humidity.

Prior to having powered unit ... I used to use the ‘rechargeable’ crystal ones .... type you plug into the mains for a few Hrs until crystals turn blue.

They are better than nothing but much less capable than a rotating disc dehumidifier.

BTW ... don’t get a compresser based dehumidifier, these drop efficiency with temp ... so useless when you need them most.
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by MartynG » 14 Jan 2019, 23:09

Once again the Meaco is earning its keep. The boat interior feels comfortably dry - this is with the dehumidifier on a medium setting.
The dehumidifier does cut out if the temperature falls below 5 degrees but I don't think that has been too often so far this winter. So even the desiccant type dehumidifiers dont work if it is too cold.
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