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62' Pershing sinks off Jersey......

by Ianfs » 21 Nov 2017, 16:09

Yacht sinks in Jersey

And all this surrounded by the controversy concerning the RNLI crew and skipper after the skipper was sacked for taking the
allweather lifeboat out to a previous shout having not gained the consent of the Coastguard. Interesting siutaion since I thought they
were both separate organisations.

Sad ending to the Pershing but so pleased the crew were safe and sound. From what I can read the boat was towed to deep water
before it sank. Although the buoy was unlit it was noted on the Notices to Mariners updates on the charts as being hit previously
and the light u/s.

I wonder what would be the situation if because the Notices (electronic ones) which are sent out in weekly updates, this one
arrived 3 days after the light had been disabled? I also wonder if the skipper had put the buoy in his plotter as a waypoint and
was looking out for the light in order to miss it.
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by ian h » 21 Nov 2017, 17:28

Glad that crew were safe.

Now this may sound stupid or you could say I should know. BUT how do you subscribe to "Notice to Mariners" that are relevant to your area of boating ??

Mainly find out via boating forums, I.E like the Southampton Water 40knot speed limit, This was not even published in any of the Mariners that I know of.
ian h
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by Ianfs » 22 Nov 2017, 17:10

Now this may sound stupid or you could say I should know

Not stupid at all and I suspect you do know the answer but have just forgotten it.

In my case with a humble sports boat I use paper charts and because I'm only out and about for a day and know the waters I boat quite well, I usually check with Imray (which are taken from Admiralty Charts) for any updates and then check the Almanac and Pilotage for say Bucklers Hard, where we keep the boat.
Here's a link to Admiralty Charts which gives area's of the UK..........
Admiralty NM's

With ENC's or chart plotters, where you download NM's from depends upon which type of software you have installed e.g. Raymarine use CMap, Navionics and Lighthouse for their Raster and Vector charts and NM's can be downloaded from their site. Having said that there are loads of Chart Agents to choose from but I am limited in my knowledge of which software is used by whom.
Admiralty Leisure Charts

I'm not sure this answers your question properly though, because you asked about the speed limit NM appearing.

Southampton VTS

Again I'm no expert but as far as I know speed limits don't appear on paper, raster or vector charts and even ski area's don't have speed limits, therefore the implementation of the 40mph bylaw by VTS and the Harbour Master for me is more of a pilotage NM.

You can download these but I don't know of a way to subscribe to it.
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by Dave » 23 Nov 2017, 14:36

More common than people think....Nav bouys co-ordinates used as waypoints and with the accuracy of the autopilot equipment these days you end up heading straight to the scene of the accident as it were....I believe a ship actually hit the Nab tower once for similar reasons (or the OOD was asleep) . Good idea to plot the course 30 yards to one side depending on the turning angle I would have thought.
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