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apelco radar

by Mistral4 » 08 Nov 2020, 17:08

I recently purchased a cruiser that has a number of electronic equipment devices.
all seem to function ok but having probs with the apelco radar ldr 9900.
it lights up ok when turned on and goes from red to green light ok but although screen is live and contrast works, nothing being displayed on screen and no lines showing..
As boat has been sitting for 3 years i am expecting a problem or am i just not using correctly.
havnt been able to find a fault finding manual for this system.
any ideas would be appreciated
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by Ianfs » 09 Nov 2020, 10:44

Hi Mistral4


Apelco is quite a popular radar unit made by Raytheon and I think is now Raymarine, but not sure. I guess you have cleaned all the connections etc. It does sound as if the fault is in the radar box rather than the screen.

I found this but its for a 9910 and doesn't have a fault section but it may help with the wiring.


Which type of boat have you bought?
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