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Handheld DSC VHF ... Icom M93D

by wolfman » 21 May 2019, 21:02

Hi everyone , newbie boat owner here

I am in the market for a handheld VHF , and think that it would be prudent to get one with DSC .

I already have an Icom fixed Vhf fitted ... so i was looking at the M93D to keep menus and terminology etc similar .... sort off , I think .

Problem is ... I cant really find any hands on user reviews or impressions / comparisons etc for the M93D .... which bothers me more than a little .

There seems to be plenty of recommendations for the Std Hor 870 / 890 .... but nothing at all hardly for the Icom .

Does anyone have any experience actually using this unit on their boat ?

All i have read is that the menu system needs many presses of the arrow buttons to select even simple operations etc .... and it isnt especially intuitive etc .

All my senses are telling me to go for the Std Horizon 890 .... but , the Icom " looks " nicer and cleaner , less chunky and more modern etc ....

Help , please

cheers , Ian
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by Ianfs » 22 May 2019, 08:52

Hi Ian

Welcome to the forum.

I use a Cobra HH 415, it has Tri Watch to scan 3 stations, which is useful when listening to a Harbour channel and scanning 16 and Soton VTS in the Solent and it has playback when sometimes you cannot hear whats been said. Only downside is no DSC. I do see what you mean about the reviews though, these are a few I found but are mostly magazines or online product guides, but they should provide some inspiration, hopefully. :)





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by wolfman » 23 May 2019, 23:35

Hi Ianfs

Thanks for the welcome , hopefully I can pick up many tips and get involved in this forum .

I have looked at the Cobras , but as stated i think i definitely want a DSC model .

The M93D has tri watch , and i guess almost all the features you could want on a HH radio ... although i guess at the expense of a bit of battery life .

I am still hopeful for some folks to reply that have actually bought and paid for one of these with their own money as opposed to subsidised magazine " reviews "

cheers , Ian
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